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Magic circus tent

If we must have a purpose in life, I’m convinced this is mine, to paint stories, like this one.

Magic circus tent

Once upon a time there was a girl who one perfect cloudy day discovered a miniature circus tent in the woods behind her grandmothers house.

She loved playing in those words, but was never allowed to go past the big pine tree. That was the rule, and she always followed it. She didn’t like getting in trouble.

She was happy to visit grandma today, because it was cloudy, and she loved days like this. She felt like anything was possible on a day like this.

She new that today she is going past the big pine tree. She glanced back sheepishly, and bolted. It was all new. The trees, the bushes, the mossy grass. How exciting. She was on the lookout for a perfect stick, found few, but threw them away. There is one! She had to crawl under some bushes to get to it, but well worth it. That’s when she saw it. Small circus tent perfectly hidden behind a bush. Perfect! This will be her secret hideout. She stuck her head in and to her amazement and surprise, it was a real live circus performance going on in front of her eyes,with real performers, but small and unusual. They didn’t seem to be bothered by her, and went on performing. She was mesmerized by dancers on their tiptoes dancing on a wire, acrobats, flying ferries, graceful flamingos, and many interesting creatures she never seen before . They performed just for her. As if they new she was going to be there. It was magical. Suddenly, she heard her grandma’s voice calling her. She had to go back. She new there will be trouble for braking the rule, but it didn’t bother her. Not this time….

She was mesmerized by acrobats, flying ferries, graceful flamingos…
Behind the scenes

By KATijA TOMiC artist

I am on the quest to tell the story beyond a portrait 
To preserve the beauty of the seemingly ordinary moments and turn them into something beautiful

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