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Are you ready to commission a Fairy Tale painting ?

here are the steps to help guide you in the process of getting your very own fairytale portrait


get in touch

email the following to

  • Name
  • painting size and orientation (if important)
  • minimum of 5 reference photos (more the better)
  • provide me with as much information about the person as possible; likes, dislikes, favourite book, fairytale, movie, favourite activity, hobby, personality traits, favourite colour, colour to avoid (if any) and anything else you can think of. No information is too small.
  • Provide other thoughts on what you are hoping from your commission. Please elaborate as much as necessary, as this information is critical to a successful commission.
  • Specify whether or not this piece can be shared on social media


pay 550 deposit

paying deposit will secure your spot, and set KATijA’s creative wheels in motion, so she can spend many happy hours creating your special one of a kind story.


After all the information, photos, and a $550 deposit are received, KATijA will start work on creating 2-3 different illustrations. You will receive them by e-mail within 7-10 days. KATijA will e-mail them for you to choose from. This is a collaborative stage.


Painting commences, and is completed within 4-7 weeks upon the final approval of the illustration.


Upon completion of the painting, KATijA will send a final photo, and you give approval or have an opportunity to suggest minor edits. Any extensive edits (as judged extensive by the artist) beyond that are subject to a 15% additional fee.


Pay the remainder price of commission and shipping, listed below.

Commission prices listed below, includes $550 deposit fee.

KATijA will send the invoice via Paypal, which allows you to securely pay by Paypal or credit card.


Painting ships to collector! Woohoo!


What KATijA will paint: humans, pets, favourite toy,landscapes, florals, animals, buildings, all captured with authenticity and interpretive artistic style

What KATijA won’t paint: in a style different than her own, exact duplicates of her past paintings or other artist’s paintings .

Materials: Acrylic paints and fabric collage on stretched canvas. Please discuss with KATijA if you are looking to use a different surface.

Additional charge of 15% for every additional portrait within the same painting


Prices listed below include the $550 deposit. 

  • 8″x 10″ – $ 625
  • 9″x 12″ – $ 780
  • 10″x 12″ – $ 875
  • 11″x 14″ – $ 925
  • 12″x 12″- $ 925
  • 12″x 16″ – $ 1,135
  • 14″x 18″ – $ 1,295
  • 16″x 16″ – $ 1,295
  • 16″x 20″ – $ 1,425
  • 18″x 18″ – $ 1,425
  • 18″x 24″ – $ 1,900
  • 20″x 20″ – $ 1,900
  • 20″x 30″ – $ 2,425
  • 24″x 24″ – $ 2,425
  • 24’x 30″ – $ 2,950
  • 24″x 36 – $ 3,500

shipping is $50.00 flat rate for Canada and continental US.

Shipping to everywhere else $120.00

Oversized portraits- (anything larger than 20×30 in.) KATijA will provide you with the price before invoicing,

Customs fees are the responsibility of the collector. If shipping costs are of concern to you, please inquire ahead of time for an estimate.

Frequently asked questions

what kind of photograph should you send?

-photos should be decent resolution, at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi).

-No blurry photos please.

-photos with more natural poses taken in documentary style work best

-mix of still and action shots

-mix of face close ups and full body photos

-No black and white photos (unless you wish your portrait be all in gray scale), in that case yes to black and white

example of documentary style photos

I look forward to working with you to create your one-of-a-kind Fairy tale painting!