about me

I was born and raised on a small island in Croatia to a family of winemakers. In the early 90s at the start of the civil war, I came to Canada. A self-taught artist, I’ve tried my hand at many different mediums but found myself in thick layers of paint that leave a trail of movement and texture behind.

I find inspiration everywhere, fairytales, old folk tales, books, nature, but most often human emotion. I’ve always loved old stories told to me by my mother and grandmother. When my children were small I painted them a painting based on a fairytale princess and a pea and layered in some of their old onesies and little dresses they outgrew. I loved how these few scraps of fabric elevated this painting into something much more. The painting instantly became so much more valuable to me. I was hooked.

Now, I spend my days painting, drawing and cutting up pieces of fabrics giving them new purpose in life.

I live in Montreal with my husband and my two daughters. They are what I am most proud of …my masterpiece.

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